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WCA 2nd Event: Learning About Leadership

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

What is leadership? How do we build confidence and resilience as young professional women? How do we inspire and bring about positive change?

Following these guiding questions, the second event of the Women Career Accelerator took place last Friday 4 December online. Organised by EucA in the framework of the Erasmus+ project "Be The Change” the course helps young women to develop their careers from the university years and inspire them to use their talents to ideally bring a positive change in the world.

The session was very enriching and attendees had inputs on leadership skills, self-knowledge, empowerment, efficiency at work and much more!

An inspirational talk was held by Marie Glorieux, project manager at PWC. A presentation on different leadership styles and an intriguing temperament test gave the students the possibility to learn that self-knowledge on strengths and weaknesses is fundamental to gain self-confidence and use the right tools to further discern in each career path.

A special guest, Maria-Astrid Carlier, Associate Director at Robert Walter, joined the conversation at the end, to talk about the importance of having a good work-life balance. Students loved her inspiring and passionate testimonial! “Passion is a fundamental ingredient, work to achieve your dreams, and if you won’t get to the moon, don’t worry, you will either be around the stars!” she said.

The outcome of the second event was very positive. Maria C. one of the participant students said with a lot of enthusiasm: “participating at the Woman Career Accelerator program was a fantastic decision. University studies transfer solid and sound academic preparation. They provide hard skills, but what about soft skills? This is why WCA is such a fantastic and holistic program because it helps us launch our career during the university years”.

Are you interested in learning more about this project? Check out and discover this fantastic journey!

Oh, and by the way...a big new brand-project is coming...Stay tuned!

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