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General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (Regulation (EU) 2016/679) applies to the processing of personal data collected for carrying out EucA's activities in the framework of its aims as described in its statute.

The European university college Association was founded in 2008 to bring together and represent University Colleges and network of Colleges in Europe.

The aim was to exchange experiences and best practices, facilitating the students with new international opportunities.

From our founding partners, Italy, Poland, UK and Spain, the Association has gradually enlarged to 12 countries and represents today the excellence of the European University Colleges, becoming a landmark for the 'Student Affairs and Services’ in Europe.

Based in Brussels, EucA’s ambition is to enrich the academic and professional development for students through non formal and informal activities in the fields of employability, soft skills, international mobility and responsible citizenship.

Thanks to its membership in leading professional associations of Student Affairs and Services as NASPA, EucA offers also services to Colleges’ Directors and Professionals.

Thus they are facilitated in the delivering of the desired learning outcomes for the students through a support in internationalization, best practices sharing, and professional development.