Employability has been defined as: "A set of achievements, understandings and personal attributes that make individuals more likely to gain employment and to be successful in their chosen occupations".


The global youth unemployment rate by the International Labour Organisation reached 13.1% in 2013 which meant that 74.5 million people between 15 and 24 years old worldwide were neither pursuing an education no working.

At the same time as this high youth unemployment rate, companies reported a lack of desired competencies in university graduates.

Steps can be taken to create an entrepreneurial mindset and foster creative thinking in university students. These are complex skills and even when creating a link between education providers and employers, a gap can still exist between preparation and employer expectations.

The concept of employability is linked to soft skills.  Employers seek graduates who demonstrate a high level of skill in areas outside of their specific expertise.

Student affairs and services staff are able to educate students in these skills and give them the opportunities to practice what they have learned in these and other areas, such as critical thinking, problem solving and networking.

Soft Skills can help students be poised for employability in an eve-globalized work-force.

The better employers and higher education providers communicate and understand one another, the better off students will be.

EucA supports the employability issues and facilitates it through information and special activities as the Employability Study Visits.

Visiting the companies, meeting the professionals of the different sectors as well as living from inside the atmosphere of big companies or start ups, is a great opportunity that EucA offers to the Students interested in going deeper in their passions and ambitions. After a Study Visit they can begin shaping and planning their future careers and the relatives opportunities.


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