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The EucA Masterclasses series is a comprehensive program aimed at equipping student affairs professionals with the latest strategies, best practices, and innovative approaches to:

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The field of Student Affairs and Services is constantly evolving. As such, it's imperative for professionals to keep up to date with the innovations in the field in order to offer the best possible service to their students.

For those who are not able to join 2-days events and longer conferences, or just want to be updated on the latest trends on Student Affairs: get your certified international training to add to your CV!

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Students Affairs and Services - General


The unveiled meaningful horizon for SAS professionals in the age of Gen Z

Despite being “the greatest job in the world”, the SAS field is experiencing a slow decline. In this course, we will explore possible solutions to this problem and provide tools to help SAS professionals gain perspective and realize the value of their work.

Speaker: Gian Luca Giovannucci

Expertise level: Entry - Mid-level

Duration: 1 hour

Language: English


Creating a Professional Development Plan in SAS

Having a professional development plan is essential for continued growth, learning, and advancement in one’s career. In this webinar, we will provide a step-by-step “how-to” guide to help you create your own PDP and start moving you in the direction of your future.

Speaker: Dr. Kerrie Montgomery Orozco

Expertise level: Entry - Mid-level

Duration: 1 hour

Language: English



Digital Leadership to improve your Communications as SAS Professional

Coming soon!

Speaker: Maria Giulia Palocci

Expertise level: Entry - Mid-level

Duration: 1 hour

Language: English

Mental Health


Basic Counseling skills for Student Affairs Professionals

The goal of this lesson is to provide a basic knowledge of what is needed to feel prepared to address and respond to students who are struggling. Student affairs professionals need not be experts in mental health disorders but they need to understand basic signs and symptoms and know how to listen and show empathy for helping students to ask the right help for these kinds of problems. 

Speaker: Mariagrazia Melfi

Duration: 1 hour

Expertise level: Mid-High level

Language: English/Italian

Talking with Generation Z and Alpha: a new relational grammar


In this lesson we will try to understand how to revitalize a dialogue with generations Z and Alpha starting from the analysis of some characteristics they have in common, naming their fears and going to the roots of some behaviors, finally examining the historical, sociological and psychological context of reference. We will try to outline possible pathways of dialogue and support starting from the relationship with each individual student by outlining a new relational grammar that allows us to give new meanings to words such as autonomy, needs, desire, conflict, difference, independence, fear, brittleness, liquidity, fragmentariness

Speaker: Mariagrazia Melfi

Expertise level: Entry, Mid and High level

Duration: 1 hour

Language: English/Italian

New Trends in Higher Education


Education as a Global Public Good and its Contribution to Achieving the SDGs

This masterclass explores whether quality education is a global public good, analyzing their definitions and wicked problems. It evaluates the EU's SDG 4 implementation, including policies like Erasmus and digital strategies, and suggests local actions for advancing on SDGs

Speaker: Luca Di Pietro

Expertise level: Entry - Mid-level

Duration: 1 hour

Language: English


AI & Assesment

Coming soon!

Speaker: Mirela Mazalu

Expertise level: Entry - Mid-level

Duration: 1 hour

Language: English

Student Engagement


Alumni Relations:

First Steps

Coming soon!

Speaker: Pantelis Chantzaras

Duration: 1 hour

Expertise level: Entry - Mid-level

Language: English


Promoting International Students' Sense of Belonging

In this webinar, offered in three parts, we will focus on engaging and supporting international students living and studying outside of their home countries. We will look at theories of student engagement and transition to frame their experience, and we will discuss practical strategies for engaging international students to increase their sense of belonging. 

Speaker: Kerrie Montgomery Orozco

Expertise level: Entry - Mid-level

Duration: 3 hours

Language: English


Orientation and Welcome Week

This master class offers professionals an in-depth guide to crafting a successful Orientation and Welcome Week, emphasizing student engagement and retention. Participants will learn to develop purposeful and constructive activities to support new students' transition to university life.

Speaker: Ebonie Z. Rayford

Expertise level: Entry - Mid-level

Duration: 1 hour

Language: English


Empowering Social Change Agents: Implementing Student Affairs Initiatives for Leadership Education

University discourses often center around the formation of leaders capable of societal transformation. Yet, the question remains: how do we cultivate such leadership? Drawing from recent studies on human flourishing, this webinar will delve into various practical proposals to transform Student Affairs into a realm where students can unleash their leadership potential.

Speaker: María José Ibáñez Ayuso

Expertise level: Entry - Mid-level

Duration: 2 hours

Language: English/Spanish


Student Staff Training: The Resident Assistant

Coming soon!

Speaker: Pantelis Chantzaras

Duration: 1 hour

Expertise level: Entry - Mid-level

Language: English


Alumni Relations:

Involvement in Career Services

Coming soon!