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Citizens make the future of the country. But what makes active a citizen?

Active citizenship means people getting involved in their communities and democracy at all levels from local to national and global.


An active citizen promotes the quality of life in a community through both political and non-political process developing a combination of knowledge, skills, values and motivation to work to make a difference in the society. 

Other EucA projects where active citizenship is the main actor, is the EU Citizenship Study Visit.


The EU Citizenship Study Visit is an immersive and remarkable experience in Brussels, the heart of the European Union.  A selected group of students would have the chance to meet and chat with their local Members of the European Parliament,  visit European Institutions and take part in simulations.


Learn more about this project here.

Given the nowadays low levels of civic engagement and participation,  it is crucial to promote the active citizenship, especially with young people.


EucA supports the democratic participation of the young students and the concept of European citizenship through European projects as Message to Europeans 3.0 and many others initiatives.


In Message to Europeans 3.0 the Student Leaders, the students selected to carry on the project in their countries, have the goal to get people to think, talk, express and debate opinions, ask questions on the causes, solutions.

They organize civic initiatives: events, polls, simulations, campaigns, anything that gets people engaged with European politics and policies.

To learn more click here.

Poster European citizenship study visit-
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