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EucA is a partner of international associations in the field of Student Affairs and Services.

The partnerships give new opportunities and offer an exchange of views and best practices on key issues in the field of education.


The Lifelong Learning Platform is an umbrella that gathers more than 40 European organisations active in the field of education, training and youth. Currently, these networks represent more than 50 000 educational institutions and associations covering all sectors of formal, non-formal and informal learning.

The Platform aims to voice citizens’ concerns about lifelong learning. By bringing together actors from all sectors of education and training, the Lifelong Learning Platform creates a space to exchange innovative practices, Europe-wide. By doing so, it contributes to increased flexibility between systems and proposes concrete solutions to make lifelong learning a reality for all. The Platform also strives to set up a strengthened dialogue between civil society organisations and public authorities in order to modernise our educational systems as well as to support public sector innovation.

NASPA is the leading association for the advancement, health, and sustainability of the student affairs profession. Founded in the USA in 1919 NASPA has over 15.000 members and has many international partners.  

It serves a full range of professionals who provide programs, experiences, and services that cultivate student learning and success in concert with the mission of the University colleges and universities. NASPA members serve a variety of functions and roles, including the vice president and dean for student life, as well as professionals working within housing and residence life, student unions, student activities, counselling, career development, orientation, enrollment management, racial and ethnic minority support services, and retention and assessment. EucA every year participates at the NASPA Annual Conference and its partners.


IASAS, the International Association of Student Affairs and Services, is a worldwide association of University professionals working in the area of ​​student services. IASAS has more than 1200 individual and institutional members representing 75 countries on five continents. IASAS was born from the need to consolidate the knowledge and professionalism of the student affairs staff who work to provide students with residential services, study support, sport and cultural activities that create the optimal conditions for the university life and help develop the potential of each student. Since 2013 IASAS has been based in Brussels, as a legally recognized entity under Belgian law.


CIMEA, Information Centre on Academic Mobility and Equivalence has been engaged in the field of information and consulting services relating to the procedures for the recognition of academic qualifications and to issues relating to Italian and international higher education and training.


ACUHO-I believes in developing exceptional residential experiences at colleges, universities, and other post-secondary institutions around the world. ACUHO-I’s membership consists of nearly 1000 member campuses in more than 23 countries. The Association helps its members evolve themselves and their institutions in their efforts to provide dynamic living environments, through innovative, value-driven events, publications, research.


A Partnership Agreement was signed between ACUHO-I and EucA in November 2018 in Rome includes the following objectives:

- To facilitate and curate ongoing dialogue with campus housing and residence life professionals
-  To leverage existing and new research to enhance the work of professionals 
- To use infrastructure tools to connect professionals and campus housing and residence life professionals across the globe
- To create scale branded programs to be designed and delivered specifically for professionals including, but not limited to: master classes, pre-conferences, webinars, the Campus Housing Index, online courses, and a Global Training Institute.

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