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EucA offers special services to Directors of Halls of Residence and Student Affairs Professionals of its network and beyond.

The goal is to bring together Professionals in Residential Life and facilitate exchanges in delivering desired student learning outcomes via:

  • professional development conferences and research collaborations

  • sharing best practices on how to advance learning in residential settings

  • internationalization practices


EucA organises engaging international training events for Student Affairs Professionals in Europe in partnership with the most influential Associations of Student Affairs around the world.

These events consist of exchange of practices and training sessions held by Senior Professionals from associations as NASPA or ACUHO-I.

The topics addressed go from the theoretical foundations of the Student Affairs profession, its contributions to Higher Education learning, the assessment of skills and competencies gained outside of the classroom, or the future of Residential Life educational programmes.

The objective is to offer opportunities for Professional Development for all career levels.

Such events are also an important networking opportunity in the area of Higher Education: they facilitate strategic exchanges and agreements of International Mobility and identify new partnerships to broaden knowledge.

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Legal Research and Writing

The goal of the EucA Newsletter for Professionals is the dissemination of the latest trends in SAS and the promotion of the Residential Life model. In the newsletter you will find:

  • The latest news on topics of interest with a special focus on the new trends

  • Notifications of online and offline courses

  • Monitoring of main events dedicated to SAS and lifelong learning in Europe and in the world

  • A section with the main events of the EucA network Halls of Residence

  • Selected articles for a learning process on specific topics such as Soft Skills, Employability, SAS.


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A brand-new European Master Programme designed to develop the most needed key competencies for professionals in universities and in halls of residence. who deal with all extra-academic matters (Student Affairs) that concern university students and their soft skills’ development.


The Master combines interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary actions  providing a professional training model in which experts will work in teams with different profiles: psychological, pedagogical, organisational and legal. 

It is organised by LUMSA, in collaboration with EucA and NASPA (Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education). 

Discover more here.

EucA is among the founding members of IASAS, the International Association of Student Affairs and Services.


In the book ‘Supporting Students Globally in Higher Education’ published by NASPA, Higher Education leaders around the world explore how the profession is developing globally and how support to students is actually delivered, with a particular focus on internationalization.

EucA President Gian Luca Giovannucci co-authored the chapter on the global dialogue among practitioners based on EucA’s experience on hosting the 2014 Global Summit on Student Affairs in Rome, Italy.

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