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Education is the most powerful weapon to change the world, said Nelson Mandela.

All our activities organised during the year have this main aim: to contribute in the human, cultural and professional growth of the students.


The Employability Study Visits are organised for the students to discover and analyse from inside the employability issues, touching and feeling the environment of big companies and start-ups.

How to start a career in an international environment? What to do to boost the employability while at university? How a start-up was born and how it grows? What are the soft skills needed to have a successful interview?

The EucA Study Visits are thought to answer such questions and to build a bridge between the academic world and the job market.


The programme of a Study Visit is divided in three days and consists of the visit of two or three companies in one of the most important European capitals as Dublin, Amsterdam or Brussels.

It’s the starting point on the way of the employability for the students.

Lisbon Employability Study Visit KPMG Headquarters


IMG_6641 2.png

How is the EU decision making process? What are the rights as a European citizen? What are the functions of the European Institutions and bodies? The Citizenship Study Visit in Brussels is designed to answer such questions.

During a citizenship study visit, a group of international students visits Brussels, the Institutions and meets the professionals from the public and the private sectors. The aim is to promote civic learning and to encourage the democratic engagement of the students.

The visits develop in the participants' leadership and communications skills.


New in-depth content and opportunities to receive everything that students need for their next applications. Personalised sessions of CV Check, LinkedIn Coaching, Cover Letter Review, Mock Interviews and Career Coaching to help them to make the best career choices and decisions.

Students will receive personalised feedback, both oral and written, and a number of online free resources that can help them continue the process on their own.


These services are offered for FREE to all EucA’s students and alumni and, upon a small fee, also to all other students or recent graduates.

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A career development course for young university women based in Belgium. Through this experiential journey, we help students in their self-discovery path towards building their careers!


An in-person course composed of 5 workshops and 5 mentoring session with the aim of support and guide participants to find out about theirselves, their career interests, and work values. We also offer to each participant a concrete action plan to accomplish their career goals. ​​

Screenshot 2021-10-04 at 17.23.04.png


“A day as…" is an events series organised by EucA in the shape of online informal meetings of a group of 10 students with international employers to talk about their daily life in their position, their roles, companies' culture and their industry of reference.


Students can ask all the questions that they would like to know, discover how their daily-life dream position looks like, and receive first-hand advice from a professional in the field. 

Every two weeks we have a new guest with different background and positions. 

A day as..  (3).png


EucA promotes international exchanges among its members creating a pathway to excellence in the European Higher Education Area for talented students.

The high-quality learning environment encourages the development of a dynamic mix of academic skills and soft skills provided by the non-formal educational opportunities of the University Colleges.


The programme of the exchanges includes visits, workshops and meetings with experts and professors.


An intercultural experience.

The students living from inside the experience of others demonstrate interest and openness and interact with culturally differences. It allows to develop Soft Skills as adaptability, effective communication and leadership and to invest thus in their future careers and in a challenging lifestyle.

Is your college interested in organising a bilateral exchange? Contact us!


British Parliamentary style debate is a common form of debate that helps the students to develop their skills in a playful way to practice and improve soft skills under the motto “learning by doing”.


A successful debate is realized with LOGOS, an appeal to reason, ETHOS, an establishment of credibility and PATHOS, an appeal to emotion.

How to defend your own ideas efficiently, public speaking skills in English and presentation skills, are only some of the numerous outcomes of this activity.

EucA promotes the debates together with its Spanish members.

Do you want to organize one? We can help you!.


The Cambridge Summer School is a two-week seminar series for university students from across Europe for the exploration of topics of interest in the future development of the European Union and its foreign policy, including analysis of the political challenges of the Union, the evolution of the European legal system, the future of the euro and the European economic governance.


Faculty and professionals who have included specialists in political theory, European affairs and history, law, moral philosophy, Islamic affairs, and economics give three seminars per day, one hour and a half each.

Students and the faculty are housed at Newnham College in Cambridge, where the seminars are given and meals are taken in common.


In addition to the seminars, other academic, cultural and social activities are organized: classical music concerts, debates on transversal topics discussed in the seminars; a ‘European night’ with presentations on participants’ colleges, traditions, customs, dishes of their home country, as well as a weekend trip to London.

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