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On the Move: EucA Study Visits!

I had the possibility to meet new people and learn things out of my comfort zone. I also have a more conscious sight on the European elections - G.P., Italy 

28 Students, 3 countries, and the vibrant world of the EU! 

From Brussels to Luxembourg and Strasbourg, the three stops of  EU Study Visit and EU Interrail - an international adventure that brought together students from various academic backgrounds and countries.

I met people from all around the world and their cultures and had a chance to talk with them in English. -  F.F., Spain 

In Brussels, the students uncovered the EU bubble! Exploring institutions such as the EU Commission, the European Parliament, and the European External Action Service, participants learned more about how the EU works and attended workshops to better understand its values and importance of the #youngvote

Moreover, the capital captured the hearts of the students with its cultural richness and unending career opportunities. 

The train journey was on! Next stops: Luxembourg and Strasbourg. 

3 days filled with even more enriching institution visits,  workshops, and talks, led by EucA Staff, which encouraged them to take the next steps in their careers and make a change! 

The experience proves the importance of providing young people with opportunities to realize their potential, explore the world, and discover the power of #EUYouth

I learned a lot about European institutions, and this experience allowed me to approach this distant reality. - R.Q, Italy 


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