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LinkedIn to Get a Job, Now on Youtube!

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

You missed our latest webinar “LinkedIn to Get a Job: Make the Most of Your Network!” and now would like to watch it... your wish is our command: we recorded it for you!

The webinar, which took place last 6 July, is now available on YouTube on the EucA’s channel!

Listen to the expertise Guido Schlaembach, professional from the Human Resources Industry. Through his own LinkedIn profile, he will showcase you how to create an attractive profile, how to network with people valuable for your job search, how to properly look for a job, or how not to misuse this social platform!

This webinar is a must for all those of you who are applying to internships and jobs and want to make the most of the power of LinkedIn!

The Webinar was the fourth successful event of our new project of Career Counseling: to know more about what we can do for you to help you start your career in the job market, visit our dedicated webpage

Click on the link below to watch the Webinar and if you have any questions, email us at or book an appointment for a 1-on-1 CV Check with the EucA staff to make your CV stand out from the crowd and get you to your dream position or program!


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