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More in-depth contents and opportunities via our social media and newsletter, online events and webinars, networking with relevant professionals and

personalised special guidance from our staff.

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Thanks to the employability study visits we offered over the past years, hundreds of students have had the possibility to see the behind the scenes of companies like Google, Microsoft, Vodafone, P&G, TOM TOM or WeTransfer (just to name a few!!) 

We’ve gained experience and we are very proud of it, but now we are ready for more! 

For those of you who want to launch your professional journey, we would like to be a springboard that helps you reach for the stars! 

Together from Awareness to Success


We plan to help to explore the endless possibilities in front of you from 3 perspectives: 


What motivates you? What are your strengths? What work appeals to you in the near term? Can you list your latest accomplishments?

Job Search Skills

Can you draft an effective CV? Are you able to convey the right message during an interview? How can you network to develop the connections that best advance your professional goals?

Future of Work

How will technological innovation, globalization, demographic and shifts, climate change or public health will impact on the work and skills landscape? How are industries reacting and what are their expectations towards their employees? Our curated social media content, repositories and pools of experts will give you food for thought… and action!

What we will be doing...


If you like the sound of these topics, here is how we plan to delve into them in the upcoming months:

Online Individual Advising

45-minutes online appointments with EucA staff or experts to receive personalising feedback via CV-checks and mock interviews.

Online Events

A series of webinars we will explore hot topics like the unique selling point, tips and tricks for writing CVs or curating your LinkedIn profile, the elevator pitch and more!


Study Visits

Continuing our tradition of Employability Study Visits and preparing for life after COVID-19, we plan to explore the fashion, financial or tech industries with study visits in Lugano, Frankfurt or Dublin. Our trips aim to reply to these two questions: What is the work culture? What type of graduates are companies looking for in their talent acquisition process?


Are you ready to start your journey?

Have a look at our ongoing activities! 

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Writing a killer resume is what stresses out every student or new entry in the job market the most. A successful resume needs to be able to capture all the professional skills and qualities of one person... in only ONE page! How to do that? With EucA’s help!


EucA will check your CV, offering a comprehensive review of it, objective feedback on your skills and expertise and personalised recommendations on how to make them stand out and capture the HR’s attention! If you are an EucA student or alumni, you will enjoy the CV Check for FREE!

Learn more here!

Boost your Linkedin profile with EucA! LinkedIn is what you need to find a job build your personal brand, and network. Did you know that 95% of recruiters use it to find qualified candidates? Creating an outstanding profile, you will get noticed no matter what. Don't wait anymore, book your session with our experts!


EucA will check your LinkedIn profile, offering a comprehensive review of it, objective feedback on your skills and expertise and personalised recommendations on how to start your networking experience! If you are an EucA student or alumni, you will have the Linkedin Coaching for FREE!

Learn more here!

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90% of recruiters look at candidates' social media profiles and 70% of them reject candidates based on what they find: guess what will they check? LinkedIn! LinkedIn, just like your CV, is the business card recruiters will use to know more about you.

This webinar, lead by Guido Schlembach from FUS, Franklin University Switzerland, will teach you everything you need to know on how to successfully use LinkedIn: from networking with professionals and recruiters to creating an impressive profile, LinkedIn won’t have any more secrets for you!

Discover & watch the webinar here!

Job Interview_ How to Handle It Successf

CVs can open doors, but then it is through job interviews that people can actually show their worth. What are the secrets to have a successful interview and move forward in the hiring process?

Thanks to our webinar “Job interview: How to Handle it Successfully!” you will discover the point of view of recruiters: Alessandra Russo, HR in the ALDE Party, will share practical tips and tricks, advice and stories from her experience in multiple realities and prepare you to ace your next job interview!

Discover & watch the webinar here!

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The greatest difficulty always consists of starting-off: if you do not know where to start, chances are you are not going to start at all. This applies to everything and, most importantly, it applies to CV writing. 


This webinar is intended to provide exactly the tools and techniques to start writing an impactful CV, able to make all your skills and learning achievements stand out in front of the eyes of a prospective employer or recruiter. The secret is using a Master-list, a document that collects all your learning experiences and serves as a starting point for building your different CVs. You will learn how to do it at this workshop!


The webinar was organised in collaboration with Franklin University Switzerland.

Discover & watch the webinar here!

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The job market becomes every day more competitive: the only way to make it is by finding out what makes you unique!

The path toward a successful career starts now, take the chance! 

Receive unique training from HR experts who will illuminate you on the “must-haves” to start a successful career, on how much a good LinkedIn profile or a well-prepared interview can impact on your professional future and what are the secrets behind the perfect CV. 


The webinar was organised in collaboration with Franklin University Switzerland.

Discover & watch the webinar here!

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