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#IdomeniSBC: Looking 4.W.A.R.D, Meet the Winning Team!

What would you say are two of the biggest missions for young people in the 21st century?

After embarking (and winning!) the #IdomeniSBC, an amazing journey through business plans, website design and social entrepreneurship, we, the Team 4.W.A.R.D, would say: Be Social, Be Entrepreneurial!

From Bonn, where we met EucA and the other teams, acquired skills and knowledge and created deep and meaningful bonds, to the exciting and emotional Final Online Event, passing through the mentoring sessions with Celia, our inspiring mentor from EucA, not even for a second we haven’t been happy to have joined this challenge!

For each of us this experience meant something different: Chiara mastered team working and tasks-setting, Gloria learnt more about fast and recyclable fashion and their impact on society, Sofia to create a website from scratch, using graphics and online tools, and I, Elisa, greatly improved my online communication skills. 

Do you want to know more about us and what the #IdomeniSBC has meant for us? 

Thanks EucA, thanks NAOMI! 

Composed by 4 girls coming from Collegio Nuovo (Pavia, Italy): Sofia Fini, Chiara D’Alessandro, Gloria Scala and Elisa Seghetti, Team 4.W.A.R.D.


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