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Updated: Apr 23, 2021

Discovering the golden rules for effective communication, personal branding & online networking.

What are the general communication rules that can be used in my personal and professional sphere? How can I create an impactful LinkedIn profile for recruiters? What about online networking?

Pursuing these questions, the fourth event of Women Career Accelerator took place online last Friday 26 March. Our special guest was Concha Lozano, journalist, responsible for the external communication of the Spanish National University of Distance Education (UNED) and associate professor at the Institute for European Students (IEE-ULB). She shared her professional pathway experience from radio, to the European Parliament and now education, encouraging participants to step outside their comfort zones and engage in learning experiences that sometimes feel like jumping out of an airplane without a parachute!

She explained how to achieve oral effective communication accompanied by top tips for better writing! An example? The popular 7 C’s of Communication: clarity, completeness, conciseness, consideration, correctness, concreteness and courtesy.

Communication skills are mainly learned through practice [...] We need to prepare presentations in advance and always pay attention to the audience; effective communication is basic in any area of life”, she said. Leadership, learning by doing and having an action plan were some of the main take-aways of the session.

The second part of the session was led by Maria Giulia Palocci, EucA Communications Director. During a colourful and dynamic presentation, she shared tips & tricks about how to build a personal brand, how to create an outstanding LinkedIn profile and some of the online networking best practices. Her 3 main social media recommendations to start building your personal brand on social media were: 1) set up a strategy, 2) be authentic & credible (values + actions) and 3) know your goals!

Personal branding and LinkedIn are closely connected because everyone has a story to tell [...] Your LinkedIn profile can really help you to stand out from other candidates and bring YOUR story to life”.

The next event will be the last one and will take place on the 23 April where we will discover how to ace a job interview. Students will have the opportunity to simulate a job interview and get personalized feedback!

See you again very soon!

Sometimes it’s necessary to let life flow because you could end up discovering your real profession in a place where you were not expecting”.

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