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EucA Study Visits Spring Edition

Updated: Feb 28

This April, enjoy a unique and enriching international experience at the heart of Europe with EucA!  

New cities and new opportunities await! 

Hop on the EucA EU Interrail. 

First stop -  Brussels! 

During the Brussels Study Visit on 14-16 April 2024,  visit European institutions such as the European Commission, the European Parliament, and the European External Action Service. Thanks to 14 hours of training and workshops on EU careers, opportunities, communication, and the upcoming EU elections, discover the path to your future within the EU!

This is not the end… continue the journey of EU discovery! Your full EU adventure is the EucA EU Interrail! 

An extraordinary Study Visit through 3 European cities: Brussels, Luxembourg, and Strasbourg! A variety of fun activities await…cultural tours and visiting the European Parliament.

Participate in 30 hours of training and workshops that open door to the EU career sector and help you practice problem-solving skills! Experience Europe and uncover the way to your future career this Spring! 

Deadline to register: 15 March

Register now! 


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