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Empowering Higher Education in Brussels

Updated: Mar 8

On 21 - 22 February, EucA had the chance to host a delegation of Italian College Directors in the city of Brussels.

This event was designed to foster meaningful dialogues and cultivate deeper insights into the topics of European Union policies and initiatives, particularly concerning Projects for Residential Training Activities within the realm of Higher Education

Moreover, the program included immersive experiences to enrich the delegates' understanding of the European Union's inner workings.

A guided tour of the European Parliament provided an opportunity for firsthand engagement with the mechanisms driving European governance. Additionally, the participants had the chance to engage with the Youth Outreach Unit, offering unique insights into the connections between EU policies and the aspirations of the younger generation.

One of the event's highlights was the thought-provoking lunchtime debate featuring Maria Angela Danzì, a  Member of the European Parliament. Ms. Danzì's insights delved deep into the landscape of contemporary youth aspirations and challenges, shedding light on the important role of academia in shaping the future of Europe.

Her compelling discourse prompted further exploration and dialogue among the participants, highlighting the importance of collaborative efforts in addressing the complex issues facing today's youth.


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