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Updated: May 13, 2019

The Central European Conference is about connecting people from all European universities in order to broaden our perspectives about the relevant issues of the region and the world. There will be five sections and acknowledged teachers will guide the members through the topics of Machine Learning; Smart Cities; Cyber Diplomacy; Big Politics, Big Money, Big Data; Competition Policy of International Firms and Social Role of Companies.

The subject of the CEC 2019 is Technocapitalist Democracy. We are on the brink of an industrial and technological revolution, which could radically change not just the economy and the way we do business, but our society, our institutions and politics as well. Will technology save market capitalism and democracy? Or are we in a transition period? While there are many uncertainties, it is important to analyse the various processes that have started to reshape our world: the changing relationship of big business and politics, data analytics in all aspects of our lives, the mobilising energy of technological innovations in community-building, the shifts in the monetary systems and the rise of new business models. Our various sections are going to explore the topics outlined above, with a focus on how these issues affect Europe and the European Union.

Price: 180 - 220 Euros (differentiated according to the Erasmus scholarship country categorization).

Dates: 14-19th August

Deadline: 24th May 23:59

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