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Be Unique, Be YOU!

How To Build Your Personal Brand

In collaboration with Franklin University Switzerland

Webinar, 5 May, 6:00 pm

Be Unique, Be YOU!.png

What makes you different

from everyone else?

Discover this webinar where you will

learn how to develop your

personal brand!



A good or a bad personal branding can determine your success!

It is about how you can position yourself as an authority in your field of interest, elevate your credibility, and differentiate yourself from others.

It becomes functional when you want to get an internship or a job, or to be accepted to that academic program you always dreamt of. But not only! It’s about your life!


Through the webinar you will learn how to create your UPS, Unique Selling Point that is the answer to the question:


What makes you, YOU? 


Watch the webinar, now published on our Youtube channel, and receive a unique training from HR experts! They will illuminate us on the “must-haves” to start a successful career, on how much a good LinkedIn profile or a well-prepared interview can impact on your professional future and what are the secrets behind the perfect CV. 


The webinar is organised in collaboration with Franklin University Switzerland.



Ebonie Rayford

Director of Career Services at Franklin University Switzerland; Lugano, Switzerland


Ms Rayford has a great experience in Student Affairs, Student Development and  Career Counseling earnt through her experience in the USA (Miami University and the University of California) and Europe (Franklin University Switzerland). Since 2010 she acts as Assistant Dean of Student Life and Director of Career Services at Franklin. 

She is very committed with Lugano local community, co-leading initiatives as Meetup and InterNations, aimed to connect expats and entrepreneurs in Canton Ticino area. 

She is a member of NASPA and the National Career Development Association

Guido Schlembach

Co-founder and Managing Director of Lux Management Consulting; Zug, Switzerland

Graduated with a BA in International Relations and Management in Franklin, Mr Schelembach has developed a solid professional career in Human Resources and Management Consulting, with experience in several Swiss Companies. 

He has co-founded Lux Management Consulting, where he also acts as Managing Director. He is a teacher of ‘Career Development & Entrepreneurship’ new course at Franklin and has recently co-founded a new venture: GTS Recruitment, based in Zurich.



With this first webinar EucA kicks-off the Career Counseling Project! Many Initiatives, Opportunities and personalised sessions tailored to help you in the challenging world of employability. 

Discover more here and book a free CV CHECK!  Click here(link)




18:00 - 18:10


18:10 - 19:10

Ebonie Rayford

Guido Schlembach

Workshop on the "Unique Selling Proposition Method"

19:10 - 19:30

Questions & Answers

With this first webinar EucA kicks-off the EucA Career Counseling Project! Many Initiatives, opportunities and personalised sessions tailored to help you in the challenging world of employability

Discover more here and book a free CV CHECK!



To register to the Webinar "Be Unique, Be YOU!" you just need to click the button and enter the required data.  You will receive a confirmation email with a link and password to join the webinar. Please note it will be hosted in Zoom, you may need to download the app in your desktop. 

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