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EucA for 

Your European community for Student Affairs and Services!

EucA connects university colleges, halls of residence, and universities all across Europe. Join us in our journey to strengthen the field of Student Affairs and Services through innovation, collaboration, and professional development.



We bring a European and global perspective to students' education and SAS professionals development.


We work with passion, inspiring people to go above and beyond as we carry out our mission.


We pursue our mission by putting people and their relations at the center of what we do.


We create international educational experiences 
aimed at talent building and soft-skill development.


International Events

EucA is a proud organizer of ECSAS, the European Conference of Student Affairs and Services, held in collaboration with NASPA.

ECSAS is a forum for student affairs professionals, academics, researchers, and practitioners, to exchange ideas about pioneering programs, best practices, models, and trends in student affairs.

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Online training

Explore the topics:

New Trends in Higher Education
Mental Health
Student Engagement

Through EucA Masterclasses and webinars, professionals can stay up to date with practices, trends, and innovations within the SAS field.

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Master Program

Organized by LUMSA University in collaboration with EucA and NASPA, this unique international one-year postgraduate program brings together specialists from various fields such as psychology, teaching, organizational management, and law.

The program aims to set a gold standard for training professionals, benefiting the students they serve in the long run.

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As EucA's contributions to the world of Student Affairs continue to grow, we make our presence known in a variety of academic publications.

Supporting Students Globally in Higher Education

The book Supporting Students Globally in Higher Education published by NASPA, explored how the profession is developing globally. EucA‘s President, Gian Luca Giovannucci, co-authored the chapter on the global dialogue among practitioners based on EucA’s experience on hosting the 2014 Global Summit on Student Affairs in Rome, Italy.

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SAS in Higher Education: Global Foundations, Issues, and Best Practices - 3rd Edition

The book, Student Affairs and Services in Higher Education: Global Foundations, Issues, and Best Practices - 3rd edition, presented by IASAS, counted with more than 250 contributors. EucA wrote one of the chapters about the Italian case in the section Unique delivery systems in student affairs and services around the world and the chapters Career Services and Employment and Community Service and Service Learning.

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