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Live your next international experience!

Connect with other students, grow your career, and build your future!

Discover a world of possibilities and step outside of your college walls.

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Career Coaching

Study Visits and Events

Leaving one’s comfort zone is key to developing essential skills for today’s workplace. EucA Study Visits and international events are designed to...

  • broaden your horizons

  • support you on your career journey

  • network with peers and professionals

  • help you discover new cultures

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European Projects

Become the protagonist of the European future! 

EucA organizes dynamic adventures in 27 EU countries, opportunities where you can...

Visit different countries

Discover the role of the EU in your life!

Become an active citizen!

Become a changemaker!
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Career Coaching & Online courses (ICP)

You want to enter the job market and don't know where to start?

Explore EucA's online services and get ready to take the next steps of your career! Craft your CV, improve your professional profile, begin your international journey, and much more.

Discover EucA's Career Coaching!
Take off with the International Career Pathways!

Hungry for more? 

become an EucA Ambassador and bring innovative learning tools to your college or university.

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Start growing!

Bring innovative learning tools to your college or university and enrich your CV.

Become an EucA Ambassador!
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