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Women Career Accelerator: Three testimonials, one great event!

How can young people enter international institutions? What does a day/week look for professionals in the UN or the EU? What is the advice for a student at the beginning of her career? Following these guiding questions, the third event of Women Career Accelerator took place online last 26 February.

The inspirational talks held by three special testimonials offered us stories of people who discovered their careers step by step following their attitudes and willingness. Trial & Error, Networking tips, Passion and Creativity of being a high-level professional have been the leitmotiv of the session.

Henry Glorieux, Humanitarian Affairs Advisor at the United Nations, currently Resident Coordinator's Office in Bangladesh shared his experience in Humanitarian Affairs as a UN civil servant. What the students liked more was to understand the steps to take to start the international career, the approach and skills needed for his daily fascinating but difficult work, as assisting the population in natural disasters.

Continuous learning or extracurricular studies & activities is required” he said.

Luis Plaza Lopez, Control and Compliance Lead working in Spain for Microsoft joined the conversation talking about his career and how important is to understand and meet the company values. The students loved his approach Fail quick learn fast, but never stop never stop looking for the path that makes you happy!

The last testimonial was Victoria Martin De La Torre: she had the dream to become a journalist, and through different experiences landed in Brussels as a spokesperson for the S&D Group President in the European Parliament. Having a plan that pushes you forward is always a good idea! It will bring you the possibility to do things outside the box and get out of your comfort zone!” she suggested.

The next event will take place on the 26 March where we will discover how to create the perfect LinkedIn profile & personal branding.

See you again very soon!

“Whatever you decide to do, make sure it makes you happy!”

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