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How to Ace a Job Interview.

What type of questions is the interviewer going to ask me? How should I present myself during the interview? What skills should I highlight? How should I present my weaknesses?

Organised by EucA, in the framework of the Erasmus+ "Be The Change”project, WCA was born with the aim to help young women to develop their jobs search skills.

Among others the main objectives of the course were the self-knowledge in relation to career decisions, the enhance of presentation skills, the discovery of new professional paths, and much more.

All this happened thanks to interactive workshops inspired by the motto “learning by doing.” A mentoring experience completed the offer to the participants.

During the 5th and last WCA online event, on Friday 23 April students had the opportunity to simulate a job interview and received personalized feedback from HR experts as Marie-Astrid Carlier, Associate Director; Robert Walters, Laura Úbeda, Research Consultant; Reynolds Associates and Ebonie Rayford, Assistant Dean of Student Life and Career Strategy; Franklin University Switzerland.

Maria, one of the participants said at the end of the last event “The WCA has been an incredible program. I can confidently say that it has helped me very much in bringing academic life with my upcoming first professional steps!”

A positive and intense experience for EucA that thanks to the collaboration with many professionals and experts on field could offer a high level course, with useful insights and connections that contributed to the enthusiasm of the young girls involved.

To learn more on this edition and on future edition of the programme please visit


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