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The International Career Fair 2022, organized by EucA in collaboration with Job Campus and Collegio Mazza gathered from 27 to 29 April 2022 more than 100 young students from all over Europe in Padua, Italy.

During the event STEM and Social Sciences students met local, national and multinational companies through dynamic activities such as career speed dating and career coaching, as well as more classic sessions of employer branding and interviews.

UMANA, Modis, Fincons Group, CNH Industrial, UNOX, NTT Data, Beltrame Group, Intellera Consulting, Illy, Euxilia, Gi Group and John Cabot University, attended as sponsors of the event.

Thanks to the collaboration with companies interested in finding new talents and in presenting their brands, participants had the opportunity to improve their job search skills, explore new careers, network with employers and with their peers, and to obtain their first internship or job.

The atmosphere created by all actors involved in supporting students and their aspirations with personalized feedback was very much appreciated and contributed to the success of the event.

“The International Career Fair made me eager to prepare the next steps for my future and increased my enthusiasm for the possibilities that may open up after graduation”

“Although I wanted to believe I have the knowledge and skills how to launch myself on the HR market again, I must say, the event caught me by surprise. However all those advises I got from you got validated in one way or another. The CV which I have reworked based on our discussion got more feedback from the recruiters that it was well done.” said M. from Italy."

The event was also fun! The international friendly atmosphere was boosted with Career Games, Networking Socials and a City Treasure Hunt in the streets of Padua. Going back to in-person events we discovered a fresh new way to guide students in employability.

Very inspiring words were addressed to students in the closing session by Gian Luca Giovannucci, President of EucA:

“Is this a bad moment for the world? Imagine how worse without YOUR contribution to change it! These are good times, precisely because they are difficult times.” (...)

“Every man and every woman is a mission, and this is the reason why they find themselves living on earth [...]. The fact that we are in this world without a prior decision on our part makes us realize that there is an initiative that precedes us and calls us into existence. Each one of us is called to reflect on this reality: "I am a mission on this earth and that is why I am in this world". First tell yourself who you want to be; then do everything accordingly (Epictetus, Dissertations, III, 2)

The EucA offer on employability will continue in the next months thanks to the Career Coaching and the ongoing International Career Pathways online courses with international students of the Colleges’ network. A new edition of the International Career Fair is planned for Spring 2023.


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