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TESTIMONIAL: Lisbon, my best experience ever!

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

Renáta Babos tells us how unique was for her the Employability Study Visit in Lisbon

"I always had the desire to travel the world, but as an introvert person, travelling, either alone or with people I didn’t met before, seemed a huge thing to me. I wrote ‘seemed’ in the past tense on purpose, because I don’t feel that way anymore.

How did I end up in an Employability Study Visit in the capital city of Portugal, Lisbon? The answer is the following: I took the risk, and I do not regret it, not even for one fraction of a second! This experience proved me that there are so many beautiful souls in this universe, and if I don’t take the risk, I will never get the chance to meet them.

Now after this Study Visit, I admit that I’m not afraid of travelling with others anymore!

The Employability Study Visit took place in an extremely beautiful and inspiring city, Lisbon, from the 20 to 22 November with 50 other students from all over Europe. The three days program gave us the opportunity to visit big international companies and know them from an internal point of view.

We visited the Lisbon headquarters of Accenture, KPMG and Vodafone and what I learned more is that often passion and ambition worths even more than our academical background. The places were very exciting! Furthermore while visiting these three companies we got to know more about their selection processes and the values they appreciate in a candidate.

On the third day, the challenging ’Pitch workshop’ was held at the AESE Business School. Within this workshop we learned how to elaborate an elevator pitch and how to introduce ourselves to many HR professionals that came for the occasion. This was the best part of the whole study visit, and accepting this challenge my communication skills improved a lot.

One of the purposes of this program was to enhance our soft skills. For me it has been a perfect opportunity to improve: the pitch practice helped me a lot with accepting constructive feedbacks; the ’Social Media Challenge’ brought out a real influencer of me and boosted my digital skills and creativity. The ’City Rally’ and its prize made me realise that team-work is key if we want to have success as a group. Putting our knowledge together and sharing little pieces of ourselves was beautiful and was exactly what made our team win the first prize. Thanks to the study visit, I can say I am more aware of my own values and now I am also a much more positive and confident person.

This is why I am very grateful for this experience. It was a unique one, mostly because of the atmosphere created by the participants and the new friendships I made. I look forward to the next one and I would like to encourage everyone who is thinking of taking part in a EucA program. It is worth doing it!"

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