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Survey “BE The Change”: Help Us, Help You!

Guess what are the most popular questions in a job interview? Those about Soft Skills! If you have never thought deeply about them, this is your chance to do it! 

Take our 10-minutes survey to become more aware of which soft skills you are stronger in and which ones you need to develop more.

Soft Skills can transform our world and definitely your future too! When we talk about Soft Skills we refer to social skills, personal traits and emotional intelligence. The improvement in such skills can empower and enable people to better adapt to their working environments and to work well with others. 

Maybe you have never had the time to focus a lot about them, but your next job or internship may be just around the corner, and it is better to be prepared!

With our anonymous survey you won’t only get to know yourself a bit better, but you will also help us develop new projects and initiatives of environmental and social impact designed and led by young people like you!

What are you waiting for? Take the survey now!


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