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Soft Skills News: eLene4Life publishes 2 Reports and Lessons Learned with EucA Collaboration

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

It has been a special week for the Soft Skills community. eLene4Life is an Erasmus+ KA2 project (2018-2021) supporting curriculum innovation in higher education through the development of active learning approaches for soft skills, with the ultimate aim of improving students’ employability. This week, the project has published its first report on the Transnational Analysis on Innovative Higher Education Learning Models on Soft Skills.

This report is a transnational qualitative study that analyses innovative methodologies and activities which foster the acquisition of soft skills in HE institutions and actors. The results highlight the consolidated practices, future developments of the activities already performed in different contexts, demands and challenges, risks, and opportunities.

This initial analysis and its findings have been a result of an investigation carried out in over eleven countries. EucA not only collected information on soft skills training activities in Belgium, but also facilitated the collection of the transnational sample.

EucA looks forward to further collaborating with eLene4Life in order to further advance the study of soft skills integration in HE and its benefits on the future development and employability of students.

On a final note, The Transnational Analysis of the Transferability to Higher Education of Corporate Active Learning on Soft Skills was also published this week thanks to the Fondazione Politecnico di Milano. In addition to this report, an overview of lessons learned was also published in an effort to relate and simplify the findings of both reports.

To learn more about eLene4Life and read the reports and lessons learned, visit


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