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As of today the Hungarian community of colleges exists within five states (Hungary, Romania, Slovakia,Ukraine and Serbia), has 57-member institutions and more than 50 organisations which aspire to become a college for advanced studies. The colleges provide a highly effective talent development program, teaching professional knowledge, developing skills and passing on cornerstone values.

The principal annual event of the Hungarian colleges is the Summer Gathering of Colleges for Advanced Studies, mostly known by the acronym: NYATA. The NYATA has a well-established tradition. The first gathering took place three decades ago still within communist Hungary back in 1985. Besides community building, the gatherings serve as

a platform where members of different colleges can discuss the current state of Hungarian society, the most pressing economic, political and social problems and potential solutions to tackle these problems.

As this year we celebrate the 30th anniversary of the collapse of communist regimes in Central Eastern Europe (CEE), at the coming NYATA we wish to assess our region’s performance in achieving the dreams and aspirations stated at the time of the regime changes. Thus, the program focuses on (1) the state of democracy within Hungary and the region, on (2) the economic convergence of the CEE region to Western Europe, on (3) the situation of Hungarian national minorities in the neighbouring states and on (4) the role and responsibility of the Hungarian colleges in addressing these issues.


Location: Sládkovičovo/Diószeg, Slovakia

Dates: 16th - 21st of July,

Price: 65 euros (final price to be confirmed)

Language: Although usually all the events are held in Hungarian, this year we plan to organise one or two round tables or lectures in English on Wednesday and Thursday with non-Hungarian experts.

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