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NEW! To25 BRAINstorm Challenge – WUG

EucA is thrilled to announce its partnership with FISU (International University Sports Federation) to bring international students the experience of a lifetime: The Winter World University Games!

The Organizing Committee of the 2025 Winter World University Games has launched a brand new, tailor-made project for young students who want to prove themselves as true athletes of the mind: The #To25 BRAINstrom Challenge, a prize competition to tackle the most relevant issues of our time.

Students will compete in nine mind disciplines: sustainability, democracy, life, space, energy, cities, inequality, aging, and food.

The top five projects in each category will win prizes of up to €40,000.

How to participate (for students enrolled in Italian universities):

  1. Form a team of four people

  2. Choose a topic

  3. Design your project

  4. Submit your proposal by 30 November 2023

  5. Win 40,000 euros

For students enrolled in international universities… get ready: the challenge will be launched on 13 January 2024.

The national and international selections are exclusively online.

Find out more!


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