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Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Discover the new EUROPEAN MASTER IN STUDENT AFFAIRS: Training of experts in Student Affairs/ Campus Life

EucA is proud to announce a brand new European Master Program dedicated to Student Affairs Professionals.

Organised by LUMSA University in collaboration with EucA and NASPA, the Master will be focused on all extra-academic matters that concern university students and soft skills’ development.

Through interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary actions, it will provide a professional training model in which experts will work in teams with different profiles: psychological, pedagogical, organizational, and legal.

The 1 year Master programme will be a daily advantage in the management of the work for experienced professional and will offer the most important tools to whom would like to begin their career in Student Affairs/Campus Life.

The experts, selected by NASPA and EucA, will address the following subjects for a total of 60 ECTS: Student Learning and Development, Counseling and support, Assessment, Evaluation and Research, Educational leadership, Organizations and Human Resources or Digital education.

Deadline for applications: 28 February 2022

Contact: Mariagrazia Melfi


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