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Updated: Nov 25, 2021

We are delighted to announce the full EucA’s membership of three new colleges: Collegio Universitario dei Cavalieri del Lavoro “Lamaro Pozzani”, Collegio Universitario “Luigi Lucchini” and John Cabot University!

Let’s meet them!

Collegio Universitario dei Cavalieri del Lavoro “Lamaro Pozzani”, is a University Hall of Residence located in Rome, Italy. It hosts students from all over Italy and selects its future students through a merit-based evaluation. Its objective is to contribute to the academic and human growth of the students, who can reach positions of responsibility in the job market. The cultural and human life of the college is characterized by the variety of courses, experiences abroad, curiosity, and critical thinking of the students.

John Cabot University is an American institution of higher education in Rome, Italy. The mission of the University is to provide an educational experience firmly rooted in the American tradition of the liberal arts and solidly international in orientation. The academic programs are designed to use to the fullest extent the special resources of a multicultural faculty, an international student body, and the extraordinarily rich culture and history of Rome and the surrounding region.

Last but not least, Collegio Universitario “Luigi Lucchini”, based in Brescia - Italy, is a modern hall of residence for talented university students. The residents have the opportunity to cultivate and upgrade their human, intellectual and professional skills in a stimulating environment and in a lively international community, thanks to specific curricula complementary to university studies.

Being a EucA member means that the students benefit from great career opportunities at an international level, to develop their soft skills, and build an outstanding extracurricular profile.

Are you a College, Hall of Residence, or network of Halls? Are you interested in being part of an international network that offers unique opportunities for students and professionals?

Contact us!


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