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Meet FAKT!

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

We are pleased to announce new member candidacy from Hungary! *

In the interesting landscape of the Hungarian Halls of Residence FAKT (acronym of Fiatal Autonóm Közgazdászok Társasága Szakkollégium) is one of the youngest and most dynamically developing College for Advanced Studies at Corvinus University of Budapest, Hungary. Its mission is to offer both supplementary education and academic study, making the students able to stand out from the crowd.

FAKT members are young economists who aspire to acquire globally competitive knowledge and leadership skills, while becoming socially sensitive managers, and responsible intellectuals. With this aim, the programs of the College include open academic lectures, training to foster academic development, competitions and business projects.

As many others Hungarian Colleges FAKT has a "flat pyramid"-like organizational structure, where students manage autonomously the Halls where they live. Forming and governing their own organisations students acquire skills as leadership, team work, negotiation, problem solving and much more: a very intense and positive experience for all of them.

Many exchanges and fruitful collaborations are at the door for FAKT: becoming EucA members its students will be able to acquire competitive knowledge at an international level. taking part in constructive experiences, while coming into contact with peers, Collegiate students and professionals from all over Europe. 

Are you a College, Hall of Residence or network of Halls? Are you interested  in being part of an international network that offers unique opportunities for students and Professionals? Contact us and apply to become an EucA member!

*The membership will be confirmed during the next General Assembly.


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