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Meet CID, from Hungary!

We are pleased to announce the member candidacy of CID (acronym of Corvinus Informatikus Diakkor), Corvinus IT Students’ Association!

Corvinus IT Students’​ Association is the Hungarian association dedicated to Business IT students and Information Technology enthusiasts. It was founded to provide a community for Business IT students in which they can develop professionally, acquire knowledge, find opportunities and, last but not least, create connections with other ambitious and passionate people.

Beside social and team-building activities, CID has the professional goal of providing career perspectives: it offers workshops, courses, company outsourced projects to help their members gain a more competitive knowledge and develop their skills throughout their university life.

Becoming an EucA member will allow CID students to get in contact with career opportunities at an international level in their field of interest and also develop new soft skills in line with the Talent Program developed by CID itself. 

Are you a College, Hall of Residence or network of Halls? Are you interested  in being part of an international network that offers unique opportunities for students and Professionals? Contact us and apply to become an EucA member!

*The membership will be confirmed during the next General Assembly.


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