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NEW! IDOMENI Social Business Challenge

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

An inspiring project for a life changing experience for students.

IDOMENI is a project developed to support NAOMI, an NGO based in Thessaloniki, Greece, that upcycling used UNHCR blankets from the Refugee Camp Idomeni, in Greece, creates sustainable clothes and fair jobs. NAOMI needs urgently a concrete help in developing its business with a sound financial plan to broaden its market. 

With the goal of helping NAOMI, EucA, with its expertise with students and abilities in project coordination, is organising a competition using the format of a Social Business Challenge: 30 University students divided into teams of 3-5 people each will have to prepare a business plan and a website.

During the two in person events, (Bonn, Germany, 26-29 February 2020 and Thessaloniki, Greece 27-29 April 2020) the participants will get trainings on business planning and social entrepreneurship and will experience soft skills such as team work, strategic and critical thinking, project management, creativity, public speaking and problem solving.

If you like the idea of working in a team with your friends while helping others, and your mission is to contribute to the community with your creativity and knowledge, create a team, learn more clicking here and apply!

To learn more click here!

Share your potential, make an impact in society!


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