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Join us in a journey to the birthplace of democracy!

GenZ Votes continues, and now the journey takes us to Thessaloniki, Greece! Be part of the Video Olympics this September, learn theatre techniques and video making, and explore the topic “A Day in the life of a European: EU impacts on daily life”.

Travel, accommodation for three nights, and most meals are covered!

Are you ready to show the power of young vote? Do you have a story to tell about the impactful ways the EU shapes your life?

In Thessaloniki you will learn more about storytelling, acting, and video improvisation techniques that will help you create powerful videos. Engage Gen Z with your ideas and knowledge and leave your mark on the EU!

WHEN? 7 - 10 September

WHERE? Thessaloniki, Greece!


  1. Send your application by completing this Google form.

  2. Once your selection is confirmed by EucA, you need to book and pay autonomously for your means of transport to Thessaloniki. We will reimburse you up to 200 EUR after your successful participation in the event.

  3. Prepare your luggage and… take off!

Check our webpage HERE for more information!

If you have questions or need support booking your tickets, please contact us at


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