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Updated: Aug 24, 2021

Are you ready to propose your vision for a digitalised society?

Europeans Go Digital! will make young people dream and contribute to a better future!

Be the protagonists of 4 highly experiential events where students from 12 European countries will have the opportunity to decide the frontiers of a digitalized society and debate about the EU policy agenda on digitalization!

  • 22-22 Oct 2021: A hackathon in Rome, Italy, on youth online civic participation

  • 20-22 Mar 2022: An idea challenge in Szeged, Hungary, on cybersecurity

  • 4-6 May 2022: A citizen assembly in Bialystok, Poland, on Artificial Intelligence

  • 26-28 Oct 2022: An idea challenge in Leuven, Belgium on youth-friendly EU consultation tools

Participants will engage in consensus building exercises with fellow Europeans, and learning how to reach out to EU policymakers to have their say on all these issues that currently affect their lives!

Participants will also have the opportunity to encourage their peers to do the same via creative online campaigns!

First stop? A hackathon on digital civic participation in Rome, Italy.

When? 20-22 OCTOBER 2021

How would you improve citizens’ participation in the EU? How would you do it digitally? Come to Rome, get the chance to connect with new friends, and learn how to make young people's voices heard!

Stay tuned! More information soon on the application process for the first event!

Students’ travel, accommodation for 2/3 nights and some meals are covered!

Any questions? contact us!--> info@euca. eu!


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