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EucA is pleased to announce two Study Visits for this fall 2023.

Designed to provide participants with a firsthand experience that goes beyond traditional classroom learning, the Study Visits will take place in Frankfurt on 15-17 November and in Geneva on 29 November-1 December.

By attending students will have the chance to have an immersive experience in their study fields and access to famous Institutions and companies.

Engaging with professionals on-site will not only offer valuable networking opportunities but also allow participants to ask questions, seek advice, and understand the intricacies of different industries.

In details:

  • Frankfurt Finance Study Visit for students in Finance, Business Administration, or International Relations

When: 15-17 November 2023

What to expect? As Frankfurt has become a financial hub and home to the European Central Bank, it provides a great chance to discover well-known financial establishments, participate in enlightening seminars, and interact with experts in the industry.

  • Geneva International Study Visit for students enrolled in courses of Medicine, Healthcare, and Pharmacy

When: 29 November - 1 December 2023

What to expect? Being the worldwide center for tackling health, medical, and pharmaceutical matters, Geneva provides a remarkable chance to engage with healthcare institutions, connect with field specialists, and analyze the work of relevant international organizations, NGOs, and private companies active in the health sector.

To learn more and register click here:


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