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eLene4work, end of the project

On October 21st the 3 years-long EU funded project, eLene4work has been completed!

Are you a student or are you looking for a job? Do you really want to have a leg-up while looking for a job? Then, I have a good news for you!

Soft skills are increasingly important. Employers actively for people who are soft skilled, and need very specific soft skills. However, learning is not finalised to finding a job, soft skills are part of your personal baggage, therefore, having negotiation and conflict management skills will also make your life a bit easier.

Soft skills are important, but they are not part of the school curriculum. This does not mean you cannot learn them, at your own pace and for free.


Go on website, there you will find all you need to get started!

  • Self evaluation tool to know your soft skills level and areas for improvement

  • A repository of Open Massive Online Courses (MOOCs) dedicated to soft skills and searchable by the soft skill(s) you want to improve

  • A personal diary to keep track of your learning!

Furthermore, if you want to know more about what the employers are looking for, have a look at the results of the focus groups with the employers here.


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