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After the #Hackathon in Rome, the adventure has not stopped!

Team members from the #15 Hackathon groups have gathered in colleges, universities, and clubs to discuss their ideas and find out the opinions about their projects among their friends and colleagues!

They met together to share with their peers the objectives of their projects! How? At a pizza party, happy hour, or post-dinner talk! (It wasn't going to be all about working... Having fun while shaping a better digital future is also fundamental!).

From Italy to Spain, Romania to Hungary, Greece to Portugal, the participants agree that EuropeansGoDigital! is a project that offers young people the opportunity to speak up and express their vision about being proactive citizens in the digital world.

Youth is key in the political debate, and they need to be in the spotlight. For this reason, the #EGD participants decided to go the extra mile and organise these informal meetings to involve their peers and have an engaging and fruitful exchange of ideas. It was an occasion to come up with a breakthrough: it is easier than we usually imagine to become a #changemaker!

Among the different discussions, they come up with an accurate analysis of the quotidian application of technology. An example? They are now more aware of the necessity of having human intervention in the development of algorithms and of securing applications of e-voting platforms from fraudulent use.

But some of them went even further!

They produced a social media challenge to grasp the feelings of young people regarding their closeness to the EU. Others have released interviews in their college newspapers (in Italy and Greece) and started contacting stakeholders for conceiving a prototype of an app informing you about local affairs!

We are proud to know that the #EGDChangemakers were able to get out of their comfort zone. They know that only by working together is possible to achieve ideas and solutions for making the digital world a better place! This attitude will push for an impact among their friends!

Stay tuned for their VLOG and ideas….More coming soon!

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