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Boosting participation at the EU Elections!

The next European elections will be held between 6 and 9 June 2024, and with them, the possibility of change and renewal sparks new hope in the old continent. However, this exciting occasion doesn’t seem to be bringing much enthusiasm among European youth, a disillusioned group that represents 25% of Europe’s population. According to the Eurobarometer, only 56% of people between 15 and 24 years old are likely to go to the ballots this summer. 

Encouraging young people to vote is of vital importance to guarantee Europe’s democratic progress. The role of civic societies and associations working for youth is not underestimated in this process. So… what can we do about this?

Meet Gen Z Votes!

EucA’s Gen Z Votes - a project co-funded by the European Union and developed in partnership with Perrotis College and Convitto Nazionale Mario Cutelli - was born out of the necessity to instill the value of active citizenship among young people. 

Designed by young people, for young people, to show the unique power of youth vote; Gen Z Votes participants come together from different EU countries with one goal in mind: to encourage Gen Z to vote in the European elections. 

How does it work?

Starting its journey in Coimbra, Portugal, Gen Z Votes has become a unique experience spanning different countries. The Youth Squads that joined the project at its very beginning have now also visited Catania, in Italy; Thessaloniki, in Greece; and are getting ready for the grand finale in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

These international events involve educational trainings, discussions, and presentations, all accompanied by the ever-present challenge of creating new videos in which the participants inspire thousands of young Europeans to vote. 

“I had an amazing time in Coimbra,” says one participant. “I got to know people from many different countries and experienced the joy of working with an international team. It was exceptional to see so many students invested in the future of the European Union and the place we, young people, have in it.”

What’s next? The Road to the European Elections:

In anticipation of its last event in Dubrovnik, @euchangemakers, the Instagram account used to promote this project, has gathered a gallery of 191 videos, all protagonized by young students aged 16 to 30. 

For those wanting even more, don’t worry! The finale in Croatia coming up doesn't mean Gen Z Votes will wrap up anytime soon. Following its closing ceremony in April, new exciting videos will continue to be published and shared worldwide through channels such as Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and Facebook

What’s more, EucA is cooking a campaign on its social media in the following weeks to bring into the spotlight the European Parliament’s impact on its citizens. 

Gen Z Votes highlights how EucA is encouraging young people to understand and engage in important values such as democracy and solidarity, core principles of the project.

With less than 100 days until the European elections, the current phase of Gen Z Votes signifies the start of a fresh chapter. During this time, the content created on previous events will be shared and appreciated by an even wider audience across Europe.

Help us in our mission!

Share the inspiring content created by Gen Z among your friends and network, and get ready to make a difference. 

This June, show the power of the young vote!

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