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Updated: Feb 28, 2019

EucA’s partner, IASAS (the International Association of Student Affairs and Services) organizes the IASAS Student Leader Global Summit in Stellenbosch, South Africa, on June 24-26.

Through a connection with other student leaders, you will:

- Explore their concept and understanding of leadership;

- Gain insight into mental wellness and the role that student leaders play within an ecosystem of support;

- Identify resources and strategies that support mental wellbeing;

- Engage collaboratively across difference; and

- Develop a micro-campaign suited to their context.

EucA offers 5 scholarships of 250€ each to the first 5 students from its members who are selected to attend.

The summit will take place at Stellenbosch University (

Are you interested in applying or know more about it? Click at the following link

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