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“A Day as a Political Affairs Officer!”

Have you ever dreamt of working at the UN headquarters in NY?

Now you have the opportunity to speak in a VIP way with a UN Professional!

What is the aim of these meetings?

“A Day as…" is an events series organised by EucA where 10 students meet with international employers to talk about their daily life in their position, their roles, companies' culture and their industry of reference.

You will be able to ask all the questions that you would like to know, discover how your daily-life dream position looks like and receive first-hand advice from a professional in the field.

What will happen in the first meeting?

You will have the amazing opportunity to meet Giulio Catanzariti, Political Affairs Officer, who will join from New York to tell us about his life at the UN, his path to get there & much more!

Click here, to check the agenda and book your spot now!

Don’t forget that only 10 students can join the informal conversation!

The best news? It is free! We wait for you!


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