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11 students had the opportunity to meet, in a VIP way, Giulio Catanzariti, a UN officer directly from NYC!

Yesterday, the first event of a series called “A day as..” took place online, where a group of students was able to know more about the UN institution and its opportunities, as well as the identity of the candidates, background and professional life of the speaker.

Giulio Catanzariti pictured powerfully the usual day at the United Nations, explaining to the participants the tasks and the opportunities that can arise from a policy officer responsibility.

After a short presentation, he answered all the doubts of the students present! Giulio highlighted the importance of networking in the international relations domain, especially via your academic and professional circle. He stressed the point that students must develop the best know-how in a specific sector for succeeding in a highly competitive institution like the UN.

Students were grateful for his time, concrete advice and experienced. This was a great opportunity to network and understand the better way to become a civil servant in an international organisation!

So never get discouraged and keep up the good work! You can become a UN officer!

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