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EucA @NASPA 2018

Updated: Mar 20, 2018

EucA participated at the Annual Conference for Student Affairs Professionals, the official kick-off for the celebrations of the first century of NASPA.

The 2018 edition of the NASPA Annual Conference switched off its lights last week: EucA participated enthusiastically to this important event, where student affairs educators gather to debate on critical higher education issues.

Almost 8000 participants attended hundreds of meetings, panels and educational sessions during the three days conference organised by the leading association in Student Affairs this year in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

In particular the panels focused on student mental health, diversity, violence prevention, free speech, technology, career placement, substance abuse, and many other issues student affairs professionals face every day in their job.

Especially intense was the speech of Judge Sonia Sotomayor, judge of the Supreme Court of USA who inspired all the participants on the education debate. "Your measure of success should not be 'did I reach that?', but looking back and seeing how far you’ve come" she said in her speech mentioning her path from University to her current important role. Empathy, listening, compromise are the keys to success in life for Sonia Sotomayor because "it is important to meet people who have different life experiences than your own... In times when people are so afraid, the only way through is to listen." she concluded.

The International Symposium, organised for the NASPA international attendees, was the occasion for networking and for an engaging discussion about the role and the integration in the Colleges of the international students.

We are proudly friends of NASPA and we are grateful for the deep and strong inspiration in this challenging world of Higher Education. Watch the video that EucA prepared on the occasion of the celebration of the first 100 years of NASPA!


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