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WCA, An Inspiring First Event

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

Camera, Lights... Action!!

Women Career Accelerator (WCA) has kicked-off with a thrilling first event on Friday 6 November. Ingredients: ambition, motivation, curiosity.

Students of different study areas connected from Belgium, Italy, Spain and Hungary joined online the team, with tones of willingness to go a step beyond in their career. It was a 3 hours event filled with stimulating workshops, exchange of testimonials and networking.

Created in the framework of the Erasmus + project "Be The Change" , the Women Career Accelerator has been designed to help students in understanding how to use their talents to bring a positive change in the world.

Guided by four professionals, in the coming weeks each of the students will receive mentoring on how to build a stunning career path while still at university.

The next meeting will be on Friday 4 December.

To learn more about the workshops and the topics check the website

If you haven't been able to join this time, don't worry! WCA belongs to our Career Counselling project, where you can find other opportunities to develop professionally:

  • EucA CV Check: Book your session and meet a professional who will give you personalized feedback on your CV, together with the best practices to have a killer resumé!

  • EucA Placement: Find a list of internships and graduate programs exclusively tailored for EucA students!

Do you need more info? Contact us an boost your future!


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