International Career Fair

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A three-day event to

improve your job search skills,

explore new careers,

network with employers

and build your personal brand.

Tailored to your studies!

You can choose the sessions and employers

you want to discover! 




Apply now and we will inform you in 24h if you are selected!



The International Career Fair: your chance to launch your career!

 Join us in Padua, Italy on 27-29 April 2022! You will meet international companies that are looking for candidates LIKE YOU: with good academic results, soft skills, extracurricular involvement, and international aspirations.


To achieve your career goals we will provide with interactive formats and meeting with employers as:

  • 1:1 Career Coaching: 1:1 sessions where students receive expert feedback from career coaches or HR experts on their CV, LinkedIn profile, and cover letter.

  • Career Speed Dating: 7 minutes of a unique blend of job interview and speeding dating combined. The candidate and potential employer will check their compatibility.

  • Interviews: Companies will hold interviews with potential candidates. It enables to determine if an applicant's skills, experience and personality meet the job's requirements.

  • Career Tutorials: 25 min sessions where students learn practical tips from career coaches or HR experts and how to navigate all the steps of a job application process.

  • Workshops:Interactive activities to inspire students’ next career steps. Formats can vary: testimonials, business case studies, simulations, etc.  

  • Employer Branding: 25-minute presentations from employers on the hot topics and cutting edge practices of their industry, culture, and recruitment practices. 

  • Career Games & Lounge: Space to decompress, meet students from all over Europe, and discover a new dimension of work and professional networking.

Discover the Draft Agenda here!


  1. Get exclusive job/internship interviews with top international companies

  2. Receive career coaching and feedback on your job search skills from HR and career coaches so you can improve your applications

  3. Attend dynamic sessions to learn more about companies' culture and future careers: get first hand information on career paths, everyday tasks of a job you are considering, etc.

The event is organised in collaboration with Collegio MazzaJob Campus and Alumni dell'Università degli Studi di Padova.



This fair is designed for STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics)  and Social Sciences 

  • 3rd-year Bachelor and Master or Ph.D. students. 

  • 2nd-year students are encouraged to apply if they can show extra-curricular engagement or need to find an internship for their studies.

GOOD NEWS! Are you a student from an Italian College from CCUM? By attending the event 10 training hours will be officially recognised



Are you a student from a College, Alumni Padova or Hall of Residence part of the EucA NetworkDiscover your advantages here below!

Are you a student not coming from the EucA network but interested in participating? You can register too!






You will receive a contribution for the accommodation expenses up to 50 EUR per night for max. 2 nights for a  

maximum amount of 100 EUR per person. Please note that payment will be done after the event


You will have to book and pay individually for all

your travel expenses



40 EUR to be paid once you're confirmed



You will have to book and pay individually for your accommodation.

Any reimbursement is previewed 



You will have to book and pay individually for all

your travel expenses

How to Apply


To be protagonist of the International Career Fair 2022 you will have to follow two simple steps:


  1. Update/create your CV and LinkedIn profile.

To avoid common mistakes check the videos below for some tips and tricks. We know it’s time-consuming, but your CV is the first step to your dream job/internship! Invest time in researching how to impress the recruiters, how to communicate your accomplishments and your skills! 


   2. Fill in this APPLICATION FORM to enter the waiting list. We will inform you in 24h if you are selected!

Don't wait anymore! 

Are your company looking for new ways to recruit talents?
The International Career Fair is the place to be!


By being partners in the Fair your company will benefit of the following advantages:


  • Access to qualified candidates: interview, meet and connect with an international group of European students with strong academic backgrounds and many soft skills.

  • In-person meetings: after two years of online recruitment, being back in the field will ensure better interaction with potential young employees.

  • Employer branding: taking part can increase the appeal of your company, gaining visibility of your brand pre, during and post-event

Get in touch with us and discover the most suitable package for your company!

Soci from Associazione degli Amici dell'Università di Padova and the companies whose employees feature one or more Soci of the Alumni Association of the University of Padova can benefit from a 10% discount on the participation fee.

  • Soci of the Alumni Association can guarantee favoured participation to their own organization/company; if this is the case, please write to and provide the Soci Code which was sent to you in the confirmation email of your subscription;

  • Soci of the Associazione Amici can guarantee favoured participation to their organizations/companies; if this is the case, please write to

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