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Gen Z Votes!

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Make your impact in Europe through the power of youth vote!

A European Project that offers young people a platform for young civic discourse and youth vote.

Young participants will develop engaging video content on youth impact in the EU & raise awareness on the importance of youth vote in the European Elections 2024, all while travelling and encouraging their fellow friends to do the same! 

Gen Z Votes! Do you? 



Through 4 highly experiential events, students from 15 European countries will come together to publish fresh online content and perspectives on the How and the Why of civic participation among young Europeans. 

It's high time infotainment came to EU politics and policies!  If you feel tired of low-engaging content on social media and sense a lack of information regarding EU democratic processes, voting, and citizenship rights, fill that gap and be the creator of your own EU content! 

Be the protagonists and make your voice heard! 

  • 16-19 March 2023: A video storytelling challenge in Coimbra, Portugal, on Youth Sparks of Change

  • 27-29 April 2023: A hackathon in Catania, Italy, on Hacking Youth's Democratic Habits

  • 7-10 September 2023: A theatre challenge in Thessaloniki, Greece on A Day in the Life of a European

  • 25-28 April 2024: A behavioral nudging challenge in Dubrovnik, Croatia on Removing Barriers to Youth Voting 

COSTS & TRAVEL DETAILS: costs of travel, accommodation for 2/3 nights and some meals are covered!



GenZ Votes Thanks to Youth Squads

The motor of this project will be 4 international teams called the youth squads. These are the true protagonists and will be the key to the involvement of their peers through an extensive and creative use of social media. They will take part in all 4 events of the project and develop online activities regularly in between the events. 

Your Mission will be to: 

  • GO VIRAL - publish regular posts that encourage young people to vote in local, national and European elections, engage with politics and policies at all levels, and show the power of youth vote.

  • DO COLLABS - engage online, share content, and reach out for collaborations with micro-influencers to encourage youth participation.

  • SPARK ACTION - pilot nudging campaigns for other young people and activists to test these campaigns, civic engagement, or in their communities.

Interested? Download our Call for Applications HERE and discover all the details!


How to Apply?

Send us your application by completing our registration form. The selection will be made on a rolling basis, so hurry up not to miss your opportunity in GenZVotes!





  1. Send us your application (find all applications for each event at

  2. Once your selection is confirmed by EucA, you need to book and pay autonomously for your means of transport to the host country. We will reimburse you up to 150 EUR after your successful participation in the event.

  3. Prepare your luggage and… take off!

In case of any questions or if you need support for booking your tickets, please contact us at

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Any question?

 Contact us!!

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