Europeans Go Digital!

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A springboard to dream a better future for young Europeans citizens as you!

A European Project that offers young people an interactive experience of EU civic engagement. Young participants will suggest to EU institutions how to make more youth-friendly current EU consultation tools, all while traveling and encouraging their fellow friends to do the same! 

First stop? ROME!
20-22 October 2021



Europeans Go Digital! Are you? 



Through 4 highly experiential events, students from 12 European countries will come together to debate and share their vision for a digitalised European society. A holistic experience of EU civic engagement.

Exploring a new vision for a digitalised European society, engage in consensus building exercises with fellow Europeans, reach out to EU policymakers for more youth-friendly consultation tools and much more!

Be the protagonists and make your voice heard! 

  • 20-22 Oct 2021: A hackathon in Rome, Italy, on Youth Online Civic Participation

  • 20-23 Mar 2022: An idea challenge in Szeged, Hungary, on Cybersecurity

  • 4-6 May 2022: A citizen assembly in Bialystok, Poland, on Artificial Intelligence

  • 26-28 Oct 2022: An idea challenge in Leuven, Belgium on Youth-friendly EU Consultation Tools

COSTS & TRAVEL DETAILS: costs of travel, accommodation for 2 nights and some meals are covered!



From critical thinkers to critical doers!

300 Young People from 12 European countries will take part to dream and make a better future.

Students and young people from EU countries (aged 18-25) are welcome!


How to Apply?

Applications are now closed. Only people living in Rome are still allow to apply

Students choose the number of events in which they want to participate and a separate application form for each event will be required. 

1) Click here to download the call for participants!
2) Fill in the Google form (you will need to upload your CV and 1'30/2'' motivational video)

3) Wait for our answer! The results will be announced on 14 September and you will have to confirm your participation by 20 September.

Check the agenda and all the details on OUR NEW PLATFORM: HERE!

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Any question?

 Contact us! info@euca. eu!