Updated: Jan 25

Learn design learning to help students develop soft skills!

You can now enroll for the new MOOC ‘Active Learning for Soft Skills Development’ a practical learning path on how to foster the development of soft and digital skills while teaching specific subjects.

The free online course will last 7 weeks from 22 February until June 2021. It has been just launched in the framework of eLene4Life, the Erasmus+ Project that supports curriculum innovation in higher education through the development of active learning approaches for soft skills with the ultimate aim of improving students’ employability.

Soft skills (creativity, leadership, communication or problem-solving skills, among others) are the “most wanted” competences indicated to employers. By understanding what they are and discovering how you can develop them, you will strengthen your CV innovation, which is especially useful if you’re looking for internships or for a first job experience!

Key elements of the eLene4Life MOOC include:

  • design and implementation of active learning methods to support students’ in their soft skills development

  • progress on soft and digital soft skills as communications, networking, exchange knowledge, Professional Communities for professional development

  • maturation of a positive attitude towards new and challenging demands

There aren’t special prerequisites to take this free online course but it is particularly indicated for teachers, students, future professors, HR experts, Professionals in Education and employability.

A Certificate of Accomplishment will be given to anyone who successfully completes the course by reaching 60% (or more) of the total score by the end of the edition.



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