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#IdomeniSBC: Last Step, here we go!

The end of the Idomeni Social Business Challenge is approaching… Will you join us for the Final event?

Not the Coronavirus, nor the distance and nor the quarantine can stop the #EucApeople achieving their goals: on Monday and Tuesday 27-28 April, the Final Event of the Idomeni Social Business Challenge will go live on Zoom!

The best thing? YOU can participate too! It will be, in fact, an online event open to everyone who wants to assist in the pitches and learn a lot about Naomi, entrepreneurship and fashion. And of course celebrate the winner live!

How to do that?

Take a look at the agenda to make sure you can participate: on both days, the event will last from 10:00AM to 12:00PM. (We kindly ask you to be on time to have a perfect success of the event! )

Sign up by completing this Google Form making sure you select whether you are a participant or an attendant.

Finally… See you there! 

About the #IdomeniSBC… 

Starting from the event in Bonn at the end of February, the five teams who made it up  - Romans, 4WARD, Monterroni, D.R.E.A.M and Lentejas - have worked relentlessly for almost two months to create a Business Plan and a Website to help Naomi in its goal to become a sustainable business that helps and employs refugees in Greece.

Now, it’s time for them to present their projects in front of a unique jury made of special experts from Naomi NGO and the academic and entrepreneurial world.  Join us to show support to your favorite team, they deserve it!

Visit the official page of the #IdomeniSBC and learn more about the competition, the teams, and the jury! 


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