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EucA Study Visits of Fall 2023

Updated: Feb 29

 48 students from 6 countries, Frankfurt and Geneva Study Visits, what a blast! 

The visits brought together academic enrichment, cultural discovery, and career opportunities. Engaging with international organizations and companies gave students a unique opportunity to witness real-world applications of their studies, fostering a practical understanding that extends beyond the campus. 

In Frankfurt, students in economics, business, and finance developed networking skills and acquired expertise from professionals in the field. Diving into the world of stocks, training, finance, cultural activities, and career development happened thanks to visits to the European Central Bank, the Stock Exchange, and the Deutsche Bundesbank. 

“From stocks and trading to monetary policy, the lessons learned will forever remain with me, as well as the wonderful connections and friendships made.’’ 

C.M., Germany

In Geneva, the heart of the International Federation Of The Red Cross And Red Crescent Societies - IFRC or the World Health Organization, students mainly from Medicine, Pharma immersed themselves in the cultural mosaic of the city.  The excitement continued as students gained exclusive access to the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) participating in a panel of experts from various medical specialties.

“It was interesting to see how they perform medical practices in different countries.” 

G. C., Spain


The grand finale of the study visit unfolded at the World Health Organization (WHO) where students engaged in thought-provoking presentations and got the chance to network with experts at the forefront of healthcare. 

“I enjoyed meeting and interacting with the other participants.” 

O.H., Switzerland


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