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Three young students from Università di Genova won the EYE Quiz Tournaments organised by EucA.

On 9-10 June, Strasbourg witnessed an extraordinary gathering of young minds on the occasion of the European Youth Event (EYE) 2023. Organised by the European Parliament, the event aimed to foster engagement, dialogue, and learning among young people in Europe in preparation for the European Elections of 2024.

In this context, EucA has been granted for the organisation of the so-called EYE Quiz Tournament, an interactive show live-streamed on Twitch where influencers and Members of the European Parliament hosted a riveting competition on EU topics.

The EQT attracted 200 young participants on-site, Participants showcased their understanding of EU policies, history, and current affairs in a series of intense rounds. The atmosphere during the episodes and the competitions sparked intellectual debates and fostered a sense of camaraderie among young Europeans from all over Europe!

And the winner is...

The winning team named Les Fauves, composed of Daniele Tincani, Mattia Arecco, and Federico Borasio, scientific students coming from the University of Genova was awarded a trip to Brussels, where they will be honored to meet Roberta Metsola President of the European Parliament. They started battling out against other teams in February on Twitch, where EucA organized a tournament that would have given the two finalist access to the final battle in Strasbourg.

EucA wants to thank all the influential figures and Parliament members who hosted the EYE Quiz Tournament, giving life to a unique collaboration and providing an invaluable opportunity for engagement and mutual learning. The hosts, Iryna Sheyv, Theo Pissard (@lageozone), and Quentin Deschandelliers (@MEP Assitant), created an electric atmosphere being the bridge between the young participants and the Members of the European Parliament, namely Domènec Ruiz Devesa, Fabienne Keller, Dorien Rookmaker, Radka Maxová, Mohammed Chahim, Fabio Massimo Castaldo, Salima Yenbou, Marcos Ros Sempere, Rainer Wieland, and Sabine Verheyen.

President Gian Luca Giovannucci expressed immense pride in the success of the Quiz Tournament, stating:

"The Quiz Tournament exemplifies the spirit of the European Youth Event by encouraging active participation and fostering dialogue on EU topics. We are delighted to have witnessed the passion and knowledge displayed by the participants. We are excited to reward the winner with a unique opportunity to meet the President of the European Parliament”.

The European Youth Event, a biennial initiative, continues to be a transformative platform that empowers young people to voice their opinions, share their ideas, and shape the future of Europe. This event signifies the commitment of EucA to empower and inspire the next generation of European leaders.


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